Steven Gluth~



Steven lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and he is an Interior Design Student.                                                Steve gave us some information about himself: 

“I aim to work in the field of residential design, but currently work as a chef and a mentor for two students going into the Navy. I also dive into photography and art as well. I use Olioboard to create unique and bold designs, which are the foundation of an online design business I will be finishing this month. I personally love pushing the boundaries of design, creating artistic Olioboards that are a reflection of the visual world around us.”

Steven’s favorite quote is: «When one thinks he has gone too far, he will not have erred. This sort of rule should not be forgotten.»                                  – Yamamoto Tsunetomo.

olioboards by steven:

OB-ArmadaOB-EnergyOB-SilkOB-NahápastelovaOB-Rendezvous At The MetroOB-magicOB-fanOB-JokerOB-SvůdnáOB-SparkleZlataOB-s

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