Summer House

Article from House Beautiful: summer home in Ludington, Michigan


Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations_980_1332.jpgdinner_dining_table_dining_room_lights_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations_980_1332.jpgKitchen_home_decor_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations_980_1467.jpgbreakfast_room_table_bench_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations.jpgLiving_room_blue_and_white_sofa_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations.jpgBedroom_blue_stripes_windows_curtain_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations.jpgBathtub_bathroom_blue_and_white_vintage_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations_980_1469.jpgBedroom_kids_room_lime_white_Article_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations.jpgArticle_from_House_Beautiful_summer_home_in_Ludington_Michigan_decor_decoration_blue_white_beach_decor_interiors_and_more_vacations.jpg👩🏼‍💻Source: House Beautiful  🦋


Γωνιες για το καλοκαιρι


📷 – Photo by Andre Bakker












📷 Srta-Pepis

📷 Micasa Decoration








📸 French country home

📸 Noèmiė

📸 Cristina Caregaro



Στην αυλή

Outside dining area:    via:

Mexican Tiles:   via:


French courtyard...:   via:

 This Ivy House - Conservatory style:   via:

Bohemian Outdoor Living Space with tons and tons of plants | House plants, decks and patios with green botanical design:   via: Preciously Me


Wonderful patio in Cordoba, Andalucía, Spain. A beautiful town, great to visit during your stay with us in #SouthSpain.   via: Amazing Interior Design


yes please!:   via: TheLANE


Would love to have this as an outdoor entryway to a courtyard. Sb.:   via:

 :   via: sfgirlbybay / victoria smith

EN MI ESPACIO VITAL: Muebles Recuperados y Decoración Vintage: Para mi casa de pueblo { For my village house }:   via: Terraza del porche  Mesas y sillas de hierro verde agua marina, similares en Antic Centre. En la silla, bolso de lino azul y blanco de Aquit...:  via:

pinned by outdoor casa ariadna formentera:   via: EN MI ESPACIO VITAL: Muebles Recuperados y Decoración Vintage: Exteriores { Outdoors }:    via:

Get the look with Photo Archive! #1stdibs #summer #outdoor #dining Pieter Estersohn Photography:                 via: patio living...this would be a relaxing place to read or do some homework.....or just read!:   via: Brooke Giannetti

love the pots:


via: NousDecor

Άψογα διακοσμημένη αυλή

Sarah Widman + Cuprinol -

Sarah Widman + Cuprinol -

Sarah Widman + Cuprinol -

Sarah Widman + Cuprinol -

Sarah Widman + Cuprinol -

source: fixaodona

Ιδέες διαμόρφωσης & διακόσμησης για μικρές βεράντες

balcony:        via: Shake My Blog

10 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating a Small Patio-(If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space, you've hit the jackpot in NYC!:   via: goodhousekeeping

balcony inspo.:    via: seaofshoes

Petit balcon : idées pour l'aménager avec style - Marie Claire Maison:   via: Marie Claire Maison

 Small spaces can be fabulous, as you’ll see in these tiny balcony garden spots with moods that range from city sophistication to pure Zen.:     via: Stylish Eve

 for the one in the bedroom - just a place to sit and drink tea of a morning     via: joytv

small-balcony-design-ideas:   via:

 55 Super cool and breezy small balcony design ideas: via: One Kindesign . 

#balcony:                                                via: cupofbeautiful

Balcony:     via: WordPress

Make the most out of your balcony by adding simple yet multi functioning furniture. Make sure that the floor is well taken designed since this will create a big impact on the overall theme of the balcony.:   via: Cuded Art & Design

How to decorate tiny and awkward spaces in your home::  via: Harper’s Bazaar

  Sunroom makeover on a budget!:   via: lizmarieblog

Small Balcony:   via: Decofilia | Decoración

  :   via:  roomido

 How to Make the Most of Your Seriously Small Apartment Balcony:     via: Apartment Therapy

 Mehr Platz auf dem Mini-Balkon:   via: WUNDERWEIB 

                                  Amazingly Pretty Decorating Ideas for Tiny Balcony Spaces - I love the grass carpet!:


via: Stylish Eve

Σε Παστέλ αποχρώσεις

 :   via: preppy-in-pulitzer

Love the retro aqua appliances. I would make the natural wood a pickeled grey.:    via: Bloglovin’


Beautiful!:                                 via: cocorosetextiles

Bookmark this colorful IKEA hack to DIY a set of stools to display your indoor plants on.:   via: Morin

Patio vibes. @thecoveteur:


via: McCann Design Group

Ενα ανοιξιάτικο μεσημέρι στην Ακαμάτρα

Πρόκειται για τον πιο όμορφο και φιλόξενο χώρο για φαγητό στη Λάρισα. Βρίσκεται στο Φρούριο και διαθέτει μια ονειρεμένη αυλή. Θυμίζει περισσότερο την αυλή ενός σπιτιού -στο χωριό- με στρωμένα τραπέζια, έτοιμα να υποδεχτούν τους επισκέπτες.

Τα χρώματα, τα έπιπλα, τα διακοσμητικά αντικείμενα, τα σερβίτσια είναι όλα ιδιαίτερα όμαρφα και με γούστο.  

Και το πιο σημαντικό, είναι πως η ποιότητα τα φαγητού αγγίζει το άριστα.

Η σελίδα στο fb: Akamatra

{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more ~ Akamatra{.k.} Blog ~Decor Interiors & more

Ανοιξη: Με τις πόρτες ανοιχτές

Architectural Digest-great steel windows:   via: crushculdesac.tumblr

Istanbul, Asli Tunca's shop:


via: Remodelista

Master bedroom doors?:


via: Kevin O’Gara | Thou Swell

Durston Saylor Photography Commercial & Editorial Photography - Be My Guest - 64: