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Paula is married to Adam and have one daughter, Emily who is nearly 16!They live in a beautiful village, close to the River Severn in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire – which is in England. Paula worked in local government for the past 15 years and before that was a legal secretary.

She says: «I never really knew – when I was young – what I wanted to do when I grew up!!
I have always been interested in design and decor and remember, when I was about 11/12 years old, that I used to look through my mum’s used Grattan catalogues and make lists of furniture items and things which I liked and then cut out the pictures to put into a scrapbook!  I liked art too but could never draw people or animals, and only really liked playing with color and textures.
At home I often move furniture around to try and re-invent the space and am always looking for new projects!  If you know me well then you’d know that I’m quite impatient!  If I have an idea, then I want to get straight to work on it!  It’s even been known for my husband to pop out for the day and come home later to a re-painted room with all of the furniture in different places!!”

In 2007 Paula enrolled on a course with The National Design Academy which allowed her to continue working full time and to study.  In the summer of 2008  was awarded with Diplomas and Certifcates in Professional Art and Interior Design. She  definitely recommend distance learning/e-learning to anyone who doesn’t have the time to attend college/university due to other committments, as this type of study can be done to suit yourself and help is always on hand by email or telephone if needed.n 2011 she carried out her first interior design job (which was for the Local Authority where she worked!).  By using her skills and knowledge it was a way of the Council saving money whilst also giving her some first hand experience and showcasing her talents!  We can see photos from this on Paula’s web site. Also her mother involved in the project and commissioned her to paint a couple of canvasses!!

About design Paula said: “Design is my passion, so after finishing the work at The Crematorium it made me realise that this was what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’!!!  I then decided to set up my own business and spent ages researching,business planning, designing a web site and business cards etc.  I then discovered other business tools like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and, of course, Olioboard!!”

About olioboard: Olioboard has been an extremely valuable tool for my business.  In fact I have used a moodboard designed on Oliobard for my Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Web site and even my business cards.  It is so useful to be able to create virtual moodboards for clients, using Olioboard, rather than using the old method of cutting out ideas and sticking them to a board (or in a scrapbook, as an 11 year old girl might do!).  I have also met lots of wonderful, like-minded people in the Olioboard Community (Konstadina!) and can even enter competitions just for fun! I am inspired by many things such as colour, texture and shape.  I love art, photography and different cultures and am very drawn to Italy and France.  I don’t know if I’d say I have a ‘style’ as such, because I like all types of design.  I suppose I just look at something and decide there and then – if I like it, if I don’t like it, or even if I could make it better, you know – work with it somehow!!” 


Olioboards by Paula

A brighter arrival

OB-Introducing colour



OB-Choosing art 2b

Sunny side up



OB-I Love You

OB-stylish and light modern loft - somewhere in europe!

OB-the kiss



OB-New shoes

Life is beautiful


At the present: I do still work for Local Government too, in my capacity as a Business Improvement Officer, but have decided that 2013 is the year to really launch my business so that I will then be able to make the move once and for all to concentrate fully on Casa Interiors!

One day, when I’m well and truly ‘grown up’ I should like to be living somewhere in rural Italy or France!!


***I wish to you dear Paula from my heart.!!!

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Designers on Olioboard~

Some of the most talented designers, from all around the world use olioboard.

Take a look who friends have featured on the blog.


OB-OlioFriends on {.k.} blog



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Cynthia Blaine


cynthiabCynthia Blaine, from Elizabeth, New Jersey. A lover of all things creative and design related, she shares her passion for design with her daughter Zi Asia and both are avid olioboard users. Cynthia wants to further her education by studying interior design and hoping to live out her dream of becoming a designer one day, but until then she is studying on-line and self teaching. In her spare time she loves to sketch fashion ideas and paint landscapes and seascapes.


Olioboards by Cynthia:

comfortWe are Siamese if you please! Relaxpeaceful Moroccan Room pearlschocolate dreamsdreams of comfortpearlsBride

Kitchen 2

nautical porch

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Panache Designs~



Northern Virginia, USA Interior Designer

«If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all of your life».                     Frank Lloyd Wright


olioboards by Panache:

Blue & White Love

Browns in the Sunshine

Symmetry in the Rain

I Am Moving Out to My Deck

Updating the Manor House

In the Woods

Black and Textures

Sunroom - Reading Room

My Homemade Life

Princess Baby

Updating the Manor House

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Congrats to the winners of the Olioboard Home Office Design Contest sponsored by Sheaffer Pen~

1st place by ~tikib~

Tikib's Ideal Dissertation Study Room

2nd place by ~janegianarelli~

Home Office/Craft Space by Jane Gianarelli

3rd place by ~bbruno~  *1st choice Sheaffer

3rd place by ~swimen~ *2nd choice

Maddie's home office


Congratulations dear OlioFriends.!!!



***Many thanks for you votes on my board…: *a lady's home office

…and 1st on votes with Tameka’s board…

Thank you.!!!

John Nuter~



John gives us some information about him:

design is my world, it’s part of my soul. Ever since I was young I loved studying how things were placed in a room, how the colors and textures played against each other ,how lighting affected the feel of a room etc. I’ve also always had a penchant for repurposing things, taking something and finding a whole new use for it than what it was originally intended for it, or taking something that had seen it’s better days and bringing it back to it’s original condition.I had always done deign/decorating projects for myself family,friends, but it was always a kind of hobby thing, although I always wished I could do it as a career.
Then, 6 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through both chemotherapy, and radiation. It was at that time that I decided that life was way too short not to enjoy every minute of it, and I decided I would start working towards achieving the one thing I’ve always wanted in my life – a career in design/decorating. I went to school for design/decorating and I am working on making this the year I do something with it.
I’m currently trying to get my design service off the ground and I’m realizing that it’s much more involved than I thought it would be. However,that’s not deterring me from doing all I can to get there. That’s why I LOVE Olioboard so much, not only can I use my talent to express my knowledge and creativity, but it’s also been a great networking tool to reach others who have my same interests. I’ve met some of the greatest people on Olioboard and I look forward to going on there everyday.”

Thank you John~

Kitchen 1Lofty IdeaGreen with envyBathed in BlueGotta Love The LoftPlaid To Meet YouMBA - Make Brown AliveLiving 4snoozePurple PassionBeing Beatles

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Sheaffer Pen & "Home Office Design Contest” on olioboard~

On olioboard is running the: «Home Office Design Contest for your chance to WIN!» There are more than 290 entries and the winners will be 3. The contest is coming to the end and here are the choices from «tikib» -her board is on the top from the first day-  and from “paulamariefarmer” who & her board is to the first places.

~Tikib :


Tikib’s 3 top choices for the winners are:

*The first choice is NYCLQs Workspace Grace OBC.  I can visualize this office space for a fashion magazine editor or top executive at a Fortune 500 company.  I chose this board because of its versatility and attention to details.  Not only does she have a desk and chair for the office space but there are multiple seating areas.  This will allo seating options for various clients.  In addition, I loved the way she made the neutral colors stand out to give the space an elegant, clean look. WORKSPACE GRACE OBC

*My 2nd place choice is Office Space by Jane Gianarelli.  I love how Jane was able to mix the vibrant colors in the office space.  In my opinion, this office space speaks to the young and the young at heart.  I believe it would be a perfect design for a young college student or a young person just getting started in the world.  With this board, the young college student or young entrepreneur will not mind studying or working from home in this colorful, fun office.Office Space by Jane Gianarelli

*My choice for 3rd place is I’ve Been Scahffered by LivingSpaces.  I am not sure if this board is in the top 25.  If not, I am hoping it moves up (I vote for it daily).  My reasons for choosing this board is because I loved how she mixed the brick and wood textures together.  In my opinion, the board has a mod, retro, and industrial feel to it. Ive been schaffered

***This was very difficult and I pity the judge who has to choose from all of the awesome designs from the Olioboard community.  I wish you and the rest of the members GOOD LUCK!



~paulamariefarmer :


Paula’s 3 top choices for the winners are:

*1st place: Tikib’s Ideal Dissertation Study Room. This board has been in 1st place for practically the duration of the contest! I think it captures both the functional and fabulous elements – which in my opinion is key to winning the challenge! The room is both light and bright which is a must when using a space to work in, and it has plenty of useful storage too. For these reasons I simply have to choose this as the winning board!Tikib's Ideal Dissertation Study Room

*2nd place: Pillows and Paint- Sunup to Sundown. I think a close contender is this board. Again, I feel it has both functional and fabulous elements to it. It is also light and bright and has plenty of useful storage. Of course, do you know what the best thing about this one is?…………………..that lovely view!! sunup to sundown

*3rd place: Sheaffers to the Wind –Paulamariefarmer. This board is based on a lot of design ideas from my own home – the colour green of the wall, the white office furniture and the many books all on design. It is such a fresh design and is fully functional as an office space and has lots of fabulous things in too – including of course, the wonderful Sheaffer pen collection on the desk!! 3 sheaffers to the wind

Good luck.!



***Many   thanks

to dear olio-Friends Tameka & Paula for the post.!

For everyone is easy to sign in on olioboard & to vote here :

Olioboard Home Office Design Contest

****Good   luck   to   all.!!!



meNimue is from Rome, Italy.

She discovered Olioboard two years ago and fell
in love with this beautiful site that offers so many chances to develop one’s creativity.




OB-anti stressOB-rusticoOB-autunnoOB-rosso!OB-lontanoOB-Dopo la nevicataOB-pioggiaOB-delicatoOB-bambooOB-softness

Nimue on olioboard

Sana Sontag~



My dear oliofriend Sana Sontag is from Philippines. At the moment Sana find inspiration and new ideas at Olioboard for her new home in Newfoundland, Canada.

She is  married to a wonderful Canadian, has a 23 years old son and she feels blessed that they are a very supportive and loving family.



***I love this olioboard that has created for me:for K --- yellow overload!

……..Thank you from my heart my dear.!!!


white gold black entrywayFor W, Thanks so much!the old piano  black gold glamquiet country livingpink foreversome quiet after a long space2bluefoyer 4kitchen with a viewfluidity the sisters42179_286x20037891_286x200

Sana Sotang on olioboard IMG_0447

Congratulations to the Get Published winners~


the winners of the Tobi Fairley Get Published Design Contest on olioboard




Sparkling Mint BedroomSparkling Mint Bedroom



Crazy for STRIPESCrazy for STRIPES

source: olioboard


 Congratulations Ladies.!!!