John Nuter~



John gives us some information about him:

design is my world, it’s part of my soul. Ever since I was young I loved studying how things were placed in a room, how the colors and textures played against each other ,how lighting affected the feel of a room etc. I’ve also always had a penchant for repurposing things, taking something and finding a whole new use for it than what it was originally intended for it, or taking something that had seen it’s better days and bringing it back to it’s original condition.I had always done deign/decorating projects for myself family,friends, but it was always a kind of hobby thing, although I always wished I could do it as a career.
Then, 6 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through both chemotherapy, and radiation. It was at that time that I decided that life was way too short not to enjoy every minute of it, and I decided I would start working towards achieving the one thing I’ve always wanted in my life – a career in design/decorating. I went to school for design/decorating and I am working on making this the year I do something with it.
I’m currently trying to get my design service off the ground and I’m realizing that it’s much more involved than I thought it would be. However,that’s not deterring me from doing all I can to get there. That’s why I LOVE Olioboard so much, not only can I use my talent to express my knowledge and creativity, but it’s also been a great networking tool to reach others who have my same interests. I’ve met some of the greatest people on Olioboard and I look forward to going on there everyday.”

Thank you John~

Kitchen 1Lofty IdeaGreen with envyBathed in BlueGotta Love The LoftPlaid To Meet YouMBA - Make Brown AliveLiving 4snoozePurple PassionBeing Beatles

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Sana Sontag~



My dear oliofriend Sana Sontag is from Philippines. At the moment Sana find inspiration and new ideas at Olioboard for her new home in Newfoundland, Canada.

She is  married to a wonderful Canadian, has a 23 years old son and she feels blessed that they are a very supportive and loving family.



***I love this olioboard that has created for me:for K --- yellow overload!

……..Thank you from my heart my dear.!!!


white gold black entrywayFor W, Thanks so much!the old piano  black gold glamquiet country livingpink foreversome quiet after a long space2bluefoyer 4kitchen with a viewfluidity the sisters42179_286x20037891_286x200

Sana Sotang on olioboard IMG_0447

Steven Gluth~



Steven lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and he is an Interior Design Student.                                                Steve gave us some information about himself: 

“I aim to work in the field of residential design, but currently work as a chef and a mentor for two students going into the Navy. I also dive into photography and art as well. I use Olioboard to create unique and bold designs, which are the foundation of an online design business I will be finishing this month. I personally love pushing the boundaries of design, creating artistic Olioboards that are a reflection of the visual world around us.”

Steven’s favorite quote is: «When one thinks he has gone too far, he will not have erred. This sort of rule should not be forgotten.»                                  – Yamamoto Tsunetomo.

olioboards by steven:

OB-ArmadaOB-EnergyOB-SilkOB-NahápastelovaOB-Rendezvous At The MetroOB-magicOB-fanOB-JokerOB-SvůdnáOB-SparkleZlataOB-s

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