Decorating ideas for dorm room

Inspired by Modern Furniture company Modani I have created using my favorite appication olioboard the following style boards for a dorm room.

Let’s dream about the dorm room! First select the furniture, lamps, decorative items and in collaboration with the decorator we create design boards. Then we proceed to the next step who is to purchase the furniture and objects that find correct application in our space.

-Modern black and white, lime, grey in combination with an open and shiny room or not: OB-dorm room

OB-The Dorm Room

ComputerCoffee cupWorkSchoolClock

-In the same style with a splash of red with these lovely armchairs:Dorm room by konstadina nastou

-and a little bit more cozy, with the following selection of furniture pink pillows, colorful ottomans:OB-Dorm Room by konstadina nastou

Enjoy on line shopping from modani

Get Cosy for Autumn with Rugs…. {part II}

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Continued the post for rugs area on our home, here are some ideas for bedrooms which adding warmth, softness and beauty.We can choose between: one color carpets, striped, with beautiful patterns in bright colors, patchwork and inexperienced even combinations of materials, colors and designs.

So let’s get inspired by it.





La alfombra enmarca el conjunto de muebles del dormitorio.  #Esmadeco.


.bohemian romanceI like





Sea spray, tall headboard, dresser as a nightstand, chandelier as bedside lighting, pinch pleat drapes


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Colocación de alfombras en  dormitorios. Los tamaños vienen expresados en pulgadas. #Esmadeco.




Twin Beds For Kids | House & Home


built in bed with storage space underneath, headboard made of pillows fastened to the wall


Pretty bedroom

Stunning use of twin beds with chinoiserie headboards.



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Cozy & beautiful autumn to all.!

source: pinterest

Paula Marie Farmer~



Paula is married to Adam and have one daughter, Emily who is nearly 16!They live in a beautiful village, close to the River Severn in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire – which is in England. Paula worked in local government for the past 15 years and before that was a legal secretary.

She says: «I never really knew – when I was young – what I wanted to do when I grew up!!
I have always been interested in design and decor and remember, when I was about 11/12 years old, that I used to look through my mum’s used Grattan catalogues and make lists of furniture items and things which I liked and then cut out the pictures to put into a scrapbook!  I liked art too but could never draw people or animals, and only really liked playing with color and textures.
At home I often move furniture around to try and re-invent the space and am always looking for new projects!  If you know me well then you’d know that I’m quite impatient!  If I have an idea, then I want to get straight to work on it!  It’s even been known for my husband to pop out for the day and come home later to a re-painted room with all of the furniture in different places!!”

In 2007 Paula enrolled on a course with The National Design Academy which allowed her to continue working full time and to study.  In the summer of 2008  was awarded with Diplomas and Certifcates in Professional Art and Interior Design. She  definitely recommend distance learning/e-learning to anyone who doesn’t have the time to attend college/university due to other committments, as this type of study can be done to suit yourself and help is always on hand by email or telephone if needed.n 2011 she carried out her first interior design job (which was for the Local Authority where she worked!).  By using her skills and knowledge it was a way of the Council saving money whilst also giving her some first hand experience and showcasing her talents!  We can see photos from this on Paula’s web site. Also her mother involved in the project and commissioned her to paint a couple of canvasses!!

About design Paula said: “Design is my passion, so after finishing the work at The Crematorium it made me realise that this was what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’!!!  I then decided to set up my own business and spent ages researching,business planning, designing a web site and business cards etc.  I then discovered other business tools like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and, of course, Olioboard!!”

About olioboard: Olioboard has been an extremely valuable tool for my business.  In fact I have used a moodboard designed on Oliobard for my Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Web site and even my business cards.  It is so useful to be able to create virtual moodboards for clients, using Olioboard, rather than using the old method of cutting out ideas and sticking them to a board (or in a scrapbook, as an 11 year old girl might do!).  I have also met lots of wonderful, like-minded people in the Olioboard Community (Konstadina!) and can even enter competitions just for fun! I am inspired by many things such as colour, texture and shape.  I love art, photography and different cultures and am very drawn to Italy and France.  I don’t know if I’d say I have a ‘style’ as such, because I like all types of design.  I suppose I just look at something and decide there and then – if I like it, if I don’t like it, or even if I could make it better, you know – work with it somehow!!” 


Olioboards by Paula

A brighter arrival

OB-Introducing colour



OB-Choosing art 2b

Sunny side up



OB-I Love You

OB-stylish and light modern loft - somewhere in europe!

OB-the kiss



OB-New shoes

Life is beautiful


At the present: I do still work for Local Government too, in my capacity as a Business Improvement Officer, but have decided that 2013 is the year to really launch my business so that I will then be able to make the move once and for all to concentrate fully on Casa Interiors!

One day, when I’m well and truly ‘grown up’ I should like to be living somewhere in rural Italy or France!!


***I wish to you dear Paula from my heart.!!!

Find Paula on: olioboard ~ twitter ~ pinterest ~ facebook ~ site