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Live in Athens: a place to stay like home!




Interior design: hotel suite

Decor Interiors & more! { Konstadina Nastou}
Decor Interiors & more! {Konstadina Nastou}
Decor Interiors & more! {Konstadina Nastou}
Decor Interiors & more! {Konstadina Nastou}
Decor Interiors & more! {Konstadina Nastou}

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Καλοκαιρινές εικόνες, δίπλα στη θάλασσα

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Down to the Beach - Wells Beach, Norfolk, UK, by Paul Macro  via: camrovision-landscapephotography

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   That moment when you step over the sand dune and see the ocean.... not comparable to anything...

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☼ Life by the sea Perfect Caribbean getaway white sand blue sky #vacation #Caribbean #Beach       via: frenchmadame

Steps to the Sea, Santorini, Greece (by Trent Strohm).  via: hercampus

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La Vie Est Belle

Cooling off at Udaipur’s Taj Lake Palace.


Life's never going to be perfect. But you can still learn to love life despite its imperfections. By accepting that things are meant to be just like they are. And having faith in the beauty of your life, no matter what it shows you or where it takes you. However it is, it is quite amazing. And it is amazing because of the crazy and chaotic things that you are experiencing.

Glamorous! Blog full of beautiful home details

Okanagan Winery Wedding

MODE THE WORLD: Printed White Dress

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Interview with blogger Eleni | My Paradissi

Eleni is one of my favorite bloggers. Her blog is lovely and I enjoy reading her posts. Let’s meet Eleni!

{.k.}: Hello Eleni, what inspired you to start: «My Paradissi»?
Eleni: I wanted to start a blog to record my interior design and architecture inspirations plus create an online platform to express my own style and connect with inspiring people from around the world.

{.k.}: Almost 3 years blogging, sure they are running fast. How do you feel about this?
Eleni: Sometimes it feels like it’s only been a few months that I have My Paradissi but when I realize all the phases we’ve been through (me and my blog) it feels like ages. I actually get sentimental when I happen to read my first posts. I think I was a different person back then.

{.k.}:As an architect’s opinion which are the basic rules that we should consider when designing our first residence?
Eleni: A home has to represent one’s lifestyle. By that I mean not only the design influences one might have, but the way of living, the everyday needs and habits as well as the budget he’s willing or able to spend.

{.k.}:Which projects do you admire, who is your favorite architect and why?
Eleni: I love the local architecture so much. Spaces that breathe out a lived essence of purity, brutality and harmony. It is a pleasure to see dilapidated old houses brought back to life by architects who respect the unrefined nature of the typical Cretan buildings. Zege Architects have an interesting portfolio to present, from cycladic summer villas to contemporary town complexes and hotels.

{.k.}: You were a speaker in:»The Hive blog conference in Berlin -May 2012- a few words about this experience?
Eleni: It was an amazing opportunity and honor to be invited to speak in the first European blog conference in Berlin in 2012. I got to meet bloggers that I followed for a very long time and, to be honest, its something like meeting a favorite movie star! Truth is I learned so many new things and all sorts of inspiration on blogging.

{.k.}: You are one of the bloggers that participated the: «Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben» book. It sounds amazing! To whom do you suggest this book and why?
Eleni: The «Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben» is a book crammed with inspiration from 15 of the most famous design bloggers in Europe. I was thrilled and totally honored to be part of a team that consists of Holly of Decor8, Igor of Happy Interior Blog, Nina of Stylizimo, Desiree of Vosgesparis, Jeanette of By Fryd and many more others. The book is in german but the text is not the important part of the book; the amazing photos of the inspiring interiors are. Anyone who’s interested in real life eclectic decor and everyday living should get himself a copy.

{.k.}: You live in Crete -Greece- do you feel privileged?
Eleni: I can’t say whether I’m privileged or not. It’s more of a feeling that I couldn’t leave anywhere else but here. Crete is my heart, my root of existence, I just can’t imagine myself living anywhere else. Although I spent 10 years in other parts of Greece studying and working, I always knew that I had to return to the island one day.

{.k.}: A dream of yours?
Eleni: It might sound funny but in the years of crisis we’re going through my dream is to create and grow a family that lacks of nothing. I would love to see my blog expand and become my full time work. That, and a beautiful stone house in the cretan countryside!


Eleni’s house:20131103-202501.jpg













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