2017 Pantone color of the year: greenery

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Διακόσμηση: αποχρώσεις του μενεξεδί, βιολετί & γκρί

Interior Design ~ Color Palette @Alaina Marie Marie Marie Cherup @Tracy Stewart Stewart Stewart Weethee Burleson:

via: Magda Magrini Vanessa Alexander - Designer:   via:  magazinecI love this coffee cup collection- I just started my own ,but it's tiny and not as cute yet ☕️:   via:designmomThe cozy bedroom sports Pendleton Woolen Mills bedding and a ’70s shag rug.:    via: magazinecTrigano represents L.A. photographer Alex Prager, whose work hangs in the living room.:   via:magazinecC-OCT-FEAT-KAYNE-05_gallery:   via: magazinecLove the geometric details on this dresser by Gabby Furniture!:   via: ladolcevitablogBluebell Gray Winter Peony Collection 4:   via: deardesignerBold decadence living room with purple, charcoal, read and yellow.:   via:housetohomedark purples, white, gray, and a little green:   via:lebutiksofieLoooove all the color. Gray walls + gray couch, yet bright and cheery!:   via: mixandchic