Charisse Marie Colbert _Interior Designer_CMC Design Studio~


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Charisse lives in Arizona with her husband of twenty years and her dog Romeo. She is an interior designer and frequent blogger.

She discovered Olioboard from an interior designer friend on LinkedIn a couple of years ago and has been hooked ever since.


Last year she won an award in the Zinc Door vibrant spring contest for her design Capricious which included a photograph she took while visiting Capri, Italy.

Olioboards by Charisse


She won the Wayfair contest last year for her nursery design “The Stork Arrived.”:image

Charisse loves flower arranging and is studying Ikebana the art of Japanese flower arranging from a Sogetsu master. She created an Oliboard to showcase her love of the Asian styles of Chinoiserie and Ikebana.

“Chinoiserie Meets Ikebana”:image


image                 image

She loves music, art, movies, travel and yoga and has found inspiration for many of her boards from these interests.


“Keep on the Sunnyside” from the song Keep on the Sunnyside made popular by the Carter Family and featured in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou:image

Sleepless in Seattle from the movie:image

La Boheme from the opera: image

“Pompeii” the picture in the background is from a photograph taken of a villa on a trip to Pompeii, Italy:image

“Dinner at Sunset” with a photograph from an Arizona sunset looking at the San Tan mountains: image

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