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Christmas winter #photography Toni Kami Joyeux Noël Hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks

…let’s we look back on the most popular posts from the beginning of the year:                                                       

*A Single Man’s place~


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* christinazeρva –architects


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*AM3architects–Makryammos Bungalows


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* Charisse Marie Colbert _Interior Designer_CMC Design Studio~


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*Maria Koundourou ~ Designer: MK Square Studio


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*CSC hipocampus creations


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Popular post of the year: 27-12-12 •Χριστουγεννιτίκη ατμόσφαιρα IV


Κάθε σπίτι μαγικό, ονειρικό, μοναδικά όμορφο! Συνεχίζουμε με παραμυθένιες-γιορτινές, γεμάτες ζεστασιά εικόνες, από το σπίτι της Άννας στην Καβάλα~IMG_3965IMG_3962IMG_3950IMG_3963IMG_3953

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Popular posts of the year: •Oliofriends: Mirella Parer~

ritratto 1 BNMirella is from Italy and  lives in Camogli near Portofino.

She is an artist & a very talent member of olioboard community.

Mirella’s artwork:

Pentesilea - terracotta-

corvo e farfalla collage - tecnica mista

astratta -gasbeton-

bambino e pesce


Mirella’s olioboards:

Nord Europa

di tutto un po' le tende biancheFestival of colors

Chic rustico

tartan blu

verde smeraldo

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Popular posts of the year: •Christmas in Ohio by Annette~

Let’s we look back on the most popular posts from the beginning of the year.

Annette’s home | Decemder 2012 |

First snowstorm of the season in Ohio.! -December 26, 2012-downloaddownload...download.

Christmas decorations inside Annette’s home.


& an olioboard for Christmas:               download22


Popular posts of the year: •Jane Gianarelli -Interior Design-

Let’s we look back on the most popular posts from the beginning of the year.

557571_3726118195950_1086328433_n        Jane Gianarelli Interior Design



Jane Gianarelli from Colorado-United States- was one of the four major winners of: Benjamin Moore Design Contest on olioboard & judged by:Tobi Fairley.

Jane, told about the contest on olioboard: «I have been following Tobi Fairley for the passed five years. Watching her business grow and her designs take off, she has been a role model, my mentor. I have wanted to attend her design camps since she first announced them over a year ago. This was my opportunity to go!I entered a number of boards and had fun every moment.»   & the winner olioboard:Graphic Yellow   Jane started her own business: Snob Interior Design four years ago. Her previous job was as a designer for three years in the local at Drexel Heritage showroom in my hometown. In the last four years she had the opportunity to build a wonderful clientele, some of which I have worked on an ongoing basis for four+ years. Also her work, has included many custom window designs, paint consultations, accessorizing, remodeling and tile projects for residential and commercial.
She says:
«I love tablescapes, two years in a row I participated in a Tablescapes Benefit along with eight other designers.  All the proceeds went to a charity,the benefits raised about $10,000 dollars each year.
I have had my blog for three years now and I look forward to each post.
I love what I do and it’s difficult to stop thinking about design, that’s all I do. In 2013 I will be attending a Tobi Fairley Design Camp and I have signed up for her e-design coaching.  This new year is all about finding a clear vision for my business”

 Projects:                                                                                                   Room Design                                                         22                       2012-07-03 18.57.542008-06-27 03.22.48

23 2012-07-03 19.01.38Custom Window Treatments:                  DSCF0012Photo Oct 06, 3 17 28 PM

Tablescapes:                      2


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