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Σήμερα Τρίτη 13-02-17 & αύριο Τετάρτη 14-02-17 το Very Pretty στη Λάρισα – Φρίξου 5 📞2410 537981 – προσφέρει έκπτωση 50% σε όλα, με άγαπη για του πελάτες και όσους θέλουν να γνωρίσουν το Very Pretty ❣

Χειροποιητο κοσμημα: Ευαγγελια Ψημμενου

Στο κατάστημα με χειροποίητα κοσμήματα, της Ευαγγελίας Ψημμένου -Παλαιστίνης 15 Λάρισα- βρήκαμε γούρια για τη Νέα Χρονιά και πολύ όμορφα κοσμήματα:


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  🎁 Instagram: ami.v_

 🎁Instagram: thelittledecorshop

🎁 Instagram: do.details.worth

🎁Instagram: thelittledecorshop

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🎁Instagram: ami.v_

🎁Instagram: do.details.worth

🎁Instagram: thelittledecorshop

🎁 Instagram: do.details.worth

🎁 Instagram: thelittledecorshop

🎁 Instagram: ami.v_



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Καλό καλοκαίρι!

Santorini, Greece:   via: Style Me Pretty

Santorini, Greece:   via: sunsurfer.tumblr.

Scalloped bikini.:   via:

Stairs in Crete - Greece:   via:

Blackberry Lavender Chevre Ice Cream - The Kitchen McCabe:   via: The Kitchen McCabe

Greece.:     via: Patricia | noglitternoglory

☯ Pinterest: goodjujutribe // Instagram: @goodjujutribe ☯ Join the tribe!ॐ Radiate positive energy✚:    via: serendipityandcreativity

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Boho chic:   via: ana-rosa INSPIRATION+SNAPSHOT_BOHO+CHIC+DINING_INTERIOR+DESIGN+BLOG.jpg 500×575 pixels: via: Bloglovin’ Boho Home :: Beach Boho Chic :: Living Space Dream Home :: Interior + Outdoor :: Decor + Design :: Free your Wild :: See more Bohemian Home Style Inspiration @untamedorganica:   via: sfgirlbybay / victoria smith   46 Bohemian chic living rooms for inspired living:

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Free your Wild :: Work Space :: Studio :: Home Office :: Creative Place :: Bohemian Inspired:: See more Boho Style Design + Decor Inspiration @untamedorganica: via: pinterestBoho Home :: Beach Boho Chic :: Living Space Dream Home :: Interior + Outdoor :: Decor + Design :: Free your Wild :: See more Bohemian Home Style Inspiration @untamedorganica: via: Brit Morin

Wonen tussen bloemen uit LIbelle 18. Fotografie: Sjoerd Eickmans. Styling: Tamara van Gelderen.:


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30 Bohemian Chic Homes to Inspire Your Inner Boho Babe via Brit + Co.:    via: Brit Morin boho chic living room 13 ideas... I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THESE! they look like HOME to meeeeee!:       via: Decoholic


Skip out on a sofa in place of a pillowed in fortress, adorned with bright patterns and Navajo rugs.:   via: Harper’s BazaarHier ist Geschirr in allen Farben vertreten >> 30 Bohemian Chic Homes to Inspire Your Inner Boho Babe via Brit + Co.:   via: Brit Morin    via: Anthropologie Photo: To Wander and Seek:   via: ampersandsf


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summer whites {2015} *for Milly {.II}

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Sheer + Striped Top and tulle skirt                                        via: hellofashionblog

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White dress, reflective sunglasses and a straw hat / the love assembly                                                               via: shopdailychic

Santorini This volcanic island is incredibly steep, which means the famous and colourful towns that cling to the cliffs offer incredible views at every step. The unique architecture, stunning setting, local wine industry and desert climate led the BBC to name Santorini “the world’s best island” in 2011.   via: holidayhypermarket

alabaster greek summer - to make an interesting photos out of white-on-white is no easy feat. Well done.  via: ysvoice

Level One Vacation Package: 25 Vacations, 5 Cruises, And 25 Discount Cards For Only $ 1295.00. Click Here:  via: refinery29

Get inspired: the…blue side of life!

 fancy chicken sandwich

Image source:  Temple & Webster Blog

the style files

Image source: the style files

black tulle dress

Image source: etsy

Image source: thehunt

SS13 HEbyMANGO. is it bad that i want every single one of these and would wear every single one if i had them?

Image source: hebymango

Beautiful pink doors!!! Love these doors!!! Bebe'!!!

today's crush! shop a large range of dresses, playsuits, tops, bottoms & accessories available now with fast worldwide delivery how cute are these pink gumballs shaped like tennis balls? did we mention they're pink lemonade flavored?

[click on image to find each item] x12 imperfect pastel pink pencils. plain pencils for test taking, essay writing, diary entries, and doodling... back to school supplies908a983df39e244ab68e8e6021f96508Love a stroll down this with a hot tea.. ahhh

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elegant, modern & … pink!

elegant, modern Holly Hunt sofa with traditional and antiquesif I had to do pink in my daughter's room...roman shadeDiSalvoWedding

10 Pretty Ways to Wear your Hair for SpringFloral Fancies #loveit #ootd


Charming Cottage Style pink porch.

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